Monday, September 7, 2015

Girls Trip 2015

Since Ange and and Charles tied the knot last summer, 2015 was supposed to be the year that we  invite our husbands to join us for a trip to the island! But Ange and Charles (very inconsiderately) decided to get pregnant with the first baby, so we decided to put off the island trip one more year so that hopefully Ange and Charles can join us next year! 

Even though we missed having Ange with us, we understand why she needed to stay home this year! 
Baby Michiah was born on June 21st!

Amazingly, this is our 12th girls trip!  We now have 11 kids between the 4 of us, and each year, I feel more thankful for these friends, and these few days I have every year to get away with them. 

This year, Mel, Meg, and I found ourselves at St. Pete beach on the gulf side of Florida.  Thanks so much to my dad and Pinky for hooking us up with hotel points, so we could stay here! 
It was stormy our first evening in St. Pete, and the sky and beach were absolutely beautiful during our walk to dinner.
Look at those clouds!

We spent most of our time relaxing and talking, but one of my favorite things we did was spend a day at Busch Gardens in Tampa! It had been way too many years since I'd ridden a roller coaster, and it was so much fun! I was pretty proud of myself for not getting sick. There was a two-hour block of time during the middle of the day where all the rides were closed due to lightning in the area. Even though this was a bummer, it cleared out the park somewhat, so there were hardly any lines for the rest of the day.
Mmmm....funnel cake!
The Cheetah Hunt! This was one of the longest roller coasters I've ever been on. It lasted over 3 minutes!
 "Smile Angelo!"
Falcon’s Fury gets ready for its May 1 opening date at Busch Gardens.
Falcon's Fury was crazy. We were whisked to the top of this 335-foot tower. Once we hit the top,  our seats pivoted 90-degrees so that we were looking straight down over the park. Then it is a complete free fall for 6 seconds. Whew!

We enjoyed dining out a couple of nights on the waterfront of St. Petersburg.
We found this amazing Gelato place called Paciugo in St. Petersburg. We liked it so much we went back again the next night!
Right before we left for the airport, we tried to recreate this photo from Perdido Key in 2004. 12 years of vacationing with these girls and I can honestly say we have more fun every year! I love them!

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