Saturday, September 5, 2015


While we were in Oklahoma, Dad, Aaron, Sailor and I took a short trip to Boise to visit Justin and family! I had not seen Justin or Sheri since before we moved to Hawaii, which is crazy! I was so excited to finally meet my sweet niece, Ruby. 
We meet at last!
Papa and his girls
Dinner out with the whole clan.
Fun day at the pool.
meeting Uncle Justin
Breakfast at Goldy's in downtown Boise
It was so special to get to spend some time hiking with Aaron and Justin. So rare that we get to hang out, just the 3 of us! Thanks so much to Aunt Sheri for watching Sailor.
Made it to the top of Table Rock, overlooking Boise.
Poor Aaron ended up tripping on the path down from Table Rock and got a hairline fracture in his arm!

Fun with cousin Ruby!
 Justin has turned into quite the chef. He and Sheri now own a food truck called The Funky Taco. They are set up every weekend at the local farmers market and have quite a following. They have an awesome menu with unique flavors and all fresh ingredients. 

Here's their amazing Airstream that is setup like a restaurant kitchen on the inside - 5 sinks and all!
On our last evening, Justin made us the MACHO TACO and the THAI-CO - seriously the best tacos I've ever tasted! I'm so impressed with brother's skills!
A sweet trip we will never forget! Hoping it will not be another 5 years until we see them!

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