Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Big boy bed!

Not only did we tackle potty training, but we decided to move Keaton into his big bed last week, so he could get used to it before the baby came and took over his crib. He loves his big boy bed, and I'm really enjoying not lifting him in and out of that crib everyday. He's been sleeping in for a solid week now, and he has not once tried to get out during naptime or in the morning. What a milestone week for Keaton!

Not sure if you can tell from the picture, but Keaton has skinned up knees, mosquito bites up and down his legs, and sunburned cheeks - a true Hawaiian boy now!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

New Ride

Check out our new wheels!

Call me a dork, I don't care. I am a SUCKER for minivans. I didn't realize how much I would miss our van (that we sold before we moved to Hawaii) until I didn't have it anymore. Automatic sliding doors are KEY... they make my life so much easier. Not to mention the remote liftgate, stow and go seating, cup holders galore...don't even get me going! :-) Anyway, we found a sweet deal on this Chrysler Town and Country last night at a dealership in Kailua. I'm so thrilled to rejoin the minivan club!

Keaton loves it too!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

It's Potty Time!

I woke up on Monday morning strangely motivated to tackle potty training. Everyone has told me, "when he's ready, you'll know." Well, I didn't know if he was ready or not, and I've had mixed success from my half-hearted attempts at this in the last few months. But, I felt ready, and I'm the mama, right!!?? I really like the idea of not having to buy diapers for 2 kids at the same time, so I figure I better get moving. This week seemed like a good week because we had no plans, minimal doctor
s appointments and we are homebound with no car for most of the week. What else do we have to do?

Toolkit: Cars themed potty seat, plenty of OJ and snacks, stash of at least 12 pairs of character-themed underwear

Here's a rundown of our first day:

8:30 – diaper off - Lightning McQueen underpants!

bottomless sippy cup full of OJ (a rare treat)

commence taking him to the potty every 15-20 minutes

9:30 – oops, peepee on floor in bedroom. Thankfully, we have wood floors, so cleanup was easy enough...

James underpants!

9:40 – oops, peepee on the couch – he happened to be sitting on some newspapers, so no harm done

I'm getting a little discouraged…do I really want to do this?

Thomas underpants!

10:00 - Peepee in the potty! Our first success! Maybe this is not a waste of time…??

Yellow jelly bean. Clapping, hugging, kissing, praising. Keaton is all smiles. He likes this game.

More OJ

10:22 - Another peepee in the potty! He started to go a little in his underwear, but then yelled for me and finished in the potty! It's working!

Purple Jelly Bean

More OJ

11:00 – another peepee in the potty! This time his underpants were dry and he told me he needed to go and he went!!

Pink jelly bean

More OJ

Shark underpants!

11:19 – oops, went peepee on the rug in his room while we were playing. He was able to stop himself and finish in the potty, but his shirt and underpants were soaked.

Thomas underpants!

More OJ

11:30 – we were drawing in his room and he told me he needed to go to the potty and did!

White jelly bean and much praising, hugging, kissing, clapping

More OJ

12:00 – cranky boy, time for lunch

12:45 – still in Thomas underpants. No potties, no accidents. I think he’s tired of OJ.

Feeding him ice. Hoping I can get him to go potty before naptime.

1:10 – success again!

Orange jelly bean and more praising, kissing, hugging

1:20 – crying fit when I changed him out of his Thomas underpants into a diaper for naptime.

3:30 – woke up with dry diaper. Thomas underpants back on. Full cup of ootsy-lala

4:15 – eating snack outside and told me he had to go peepee – yes!!

Purple jelly bean

4:30 – more ice

5:30 – another success and Daddy was home to enjoy the moment!

7:00 – and another!

8:15 - one more peepee before bed - diaper and jammies on.

8:30 - Bedtime

Overall, I was so amazed at how well he caught on the first day. Our second day was equally successful with only one poopoo accident in his underwear. Every other time he had to go, he told me and we made it in time! About halfway through the day, he even forgot about the jelly beans (thankfully, because I'm running out!).

I hope I have the energy to see this project through to completion. I know it will involve plenty of inconvenient pit-stops and messy cleanups, but I think its worth it. So proud of my big boy!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Music to my ears

For the longest time, when someone asked Keaton about the baby or about him becoming a big brother, he would give a quick glance to my belly and ignore the question or promptly change the subject. I think as my belly continues to grow, it's getting harder for him to ignore the impending changes to our family dynamic. We talk about the baby alot, trying to get him used to the idea of him not being Mama's only "baby" anymore. Recently, he has started putting his face up to my belly and saying "Good morning, Baby!"

Due to my high-risk status, my doctor will be performing an NST (non-stress test) on the baby twice a week through the remainder of my pregnancy. This is an very easy 20 minute procedure that allows them to monitor the baby's heartbeat, movements, and any contractions to make sure everything looks "normal." Today was the first time Keaton was in the room with me for the entire test. He watched closely as the nurse attached all the monitors to my belly...
"What's that noise, Mama?" he kept asking
"That's the baby, Keaton"

The nurse stepped out of the room and Keaton and I were left alone with only the sound of the baby's heartbeat which pounded out a quick rhythm. Keaton immediately started dancing along to the beat.

"I like that song, Mama!"
"What song, Keaton?"
"That baby song!"

As cheese-ball and trivial this moment was, I treasured it because I felt like it was the first "bonding moment" Keaton and the baby had as siblings. I'm nervous and excited to see Keaton's reaction when the baby actually arrives. I know it will be awhile before he can teach the baby any of his cool dance moves, but imagining these fun times ahead is what helps keep me going...

9 weeks, 2 days and counting!