Thursday, August 30, 2012

Keaton Academy

When we returned from the mainland in July, I started working with Keaton in the mornings on some fine motor and handwriting activities in an effort to give us some structure to our mornings until our normal activities started back up in September.  I didn't really intend to start homeschooling him, but before I knew it, we had a schedule, a whole notebook of activities, and I was ordering curriculum online! 

I am so surprised and delighted at how much Keaton and I both are enjoying "doing school" in the mornings!  We usually start around 8:30 and finish around 10:00. We do Calendar, Bible, Handwriting, Reading, Math and Fine Motor. If we miss a day, no big deal. If we only do a couple of things in the morning, no big deal. I'm trying to keep it very low-key and fun.

Here's our board: 
Every week we have a Bible Verse, Catechism, Letter, Sight Word, Number, and Shape that we learn. We also pick one member of our family to pray for, and we put their picture on our board to help us remember - last week was Aunt Jenny! 
I guess I'm still waiting on the "new" of this to wear off, but I am so so proud of this boy and his eagerness to learn. Keaton is usually begging me to start before I'm even ready in the mornings. I'm also so impressed with how much he has learned in the past 6 weeks! His cutting, handwriting and coloring skills have improved drastically in such a short time. As his mama, this is so fun and encouraging for me to see how he's really learning stuff!  

We're using the Handwriting Without Tears curriculum for writing and we love it! 

My mom sent me How to Teach Your Child to Read... a couple of weeks ago, so we've been doing a lesson a day. I'm amazed that he's already reading short words and phrases!
Our biggest challenge right now is little brother who does anything...
he can do
to distract us from school! 
And he gets pretty hot when we try to ignore him... he he
His latest stunt is self-initiating potty training, because he's learned that the one thing that will get me out of my chair and at his full attention is when he says "Mama, poo poo!" 

I have no idea if this homeschooling thing is something we will continue for years or only for a short time, but right now we are really enjoying learning together and having fun "doing school!" 

One of the greatest perks of Keaton Academy (as you can see from the pictures) - shorts/shirts are optional! :-)

Monday, August 27, 2012

Happy Birthday Lucas!

Keaton's best buddy Lucas had a birthday last week, and of course we were there to help him celebrate! His party was at MY GYM in Kailua. Both of my boys played and jumped and yelled and wrestled and ran and bounced and swung and threw and hit and yelled and ate cake and laughed and laughed and laughed for about 3 solid hours and then slept GREAT that night. I think that constitutes one awesome party!

The Heaths
Happy Birthday Lucas!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

3 beachy observations

Never ceases to amaze me: 

1) the beauty of the ocean in Hawaii
2) the power of the sun (we all are pink tonight after 2 hours in the sun, despite my best efforts)
3) the amount of sand we take home with us! 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Will run for donuts

Thursdays are often my "off day" from the gym, but I FORCED myself to get up this morning and finish my time on the treadmill because I knew where we were going... 
yes, he has a fat lip right now. Long story. He fell off the bed during his quiet time and bit all the way through his lip - ouch! (Okay, maybe it wasn't such a long story)

 I love donuts. Almost as much as I love ice cream
Maybe more? 
Why don't they make donut flavored ice cream? How bout it, science? (that was for you, Meagan)

A few months ago, Scott told me about these donuts that his coworker brought in to the office from Regal Bakery. My mouth was literally watering as he described the the creative and unusual flavor combinations and toppings. I've been wanting to go there ever since, but its in such a strange part of town that we hardly ever go, so I've been waiting and waiting...

FINALLY this week, Scott's check engine came on, so he had to take his car into the KIA dealership. I met him there, so I could take him to work after he dropped off his car.
Guess what just happens to be right around the corner? 
 Yeah, baby.

Check out some of these flavors!
The vanilla crunch has Frosted Flakes on top!
The Muddy ones are covered in crushed OREOS!
But here's what I've been waiting for...
Maple BACON donut!

Keaton picked a cake donut with chocolate icing and chocolate chips on top.
Mark thoroughly enjoyed his vanilla donut with sprinkles!
Daddy picked the flavor of the month - Lemon Crumb!
And me with my Maple Bacon delight. Oh, so good.
You know how I know that it was worth every calorie? I'm still thinking about it HOURS later!

I can't wait to take my dad to this place the next time he's in Hawaii. He's who I have to thank for my hopeless sweet tooth. Don't worry Dad, we'll run first! :-)

Sunday, August 12, 2012

A lot to ask...

Yes, I know it is a lot to ask for them to be playing quietly in their room and not always be up to something...

That would be every single book we own in that crib...

Thursday, August 9, 2012

9 years!

Happy 9th Anniversary, Scott Anderson! 
I love you and I can't imagine a richer, more full life than the one we have together. 

Sunday, August 5, 2012

a little milestone

Last night, while Scott and I were watching the Olympics, Keaton comes in and says, "Look what I did!" I couldn't believe it! He wrote his name! I know, this might not seem like a big deal. A lot of 4 year olds that can write their name. But, Keaton has really been behind the curve in the fine motor department, and since he does not go to preschool, he's just never really been challenged in this area. I've been working with him in the mornings on some fine motor exercises. We had only THIS WEEK begun practicing tracing the letter "K." Literally one month ago he was still fisting his crayons! Obviously, we've still got some practicing to do, but I'm so proud that he decided to try writing his whole name all by himself with no prompting from me. Such a big boy, my KRay!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A new pet

Clemmie wasn't even out the door yet when Keaton asked if we could get a fish. 
Why not?

Enter: Shelley, the fish