Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Visit from the Dennisons!

In our first week in Oklahoma, the Dennisons drove up to Bartlesville to spend the weekend with us! I'm so thankful that our kids get along so well and seem to hit it off every time we get together!
Halle and Sailor needed no time to catch up either. Matching outfits the first day...did you guys plan this?

Trying to get these two to smile at the same time was a challenge. They pretty much kept looking at us like we were crazy people.
I love Halle's expression! "give me back that truck!"
On Saturday, we took Meg's family to see the Caney Zoological Park, which never disappoints! They even had baby white tigers for the kids to pet! The kids also got to hose down the bear, feed the monkeys animal crackers, pet a kangaroo, and eat a picnic lunch in a treehouse overlooking the animals.  

Oh, and of course hold an enormous python!

 I cannot say enough good things about this zoo! Such a unique experience every time we visit.

All the boys: William, Crew, Keaton, Hudson, Mark
And the girls!
Such a fun weekend! So thankful for my parents hosting all of us!

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