Saturday, September 5, 2015

New Life Ranch

Mia, the boys, and I took a day trip to visit my good friend, Marla at New Life Ranch.  Marla and I met a NLR as kids, and now her husband Luke is a director there. It's so hard to believe that it had been 4 whole years since our last visit! Both of our families have grown!

New Life Ranch is the center of many of my favorite childhood memories, and it's always a treat to go back and visit. The camp has changed considerably since I was a kid, but the sounds and smells are so much the same.
All of our kiddos in front of the chapel.

The boys loved swimming in the creek, going down the slides and the "Wet Willie. 

Mark and Wyatt

After a full day of pool, lunch, and creek, we headed back to Marla's for dinner and more playtime at their house. 
Marla and me and all our kids: Mark (5), Wyatt (6), Peter (8), Sailor (0), Keaton (7), and Max (3)
I'm hoping we can make this visit an annual tradition!

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