Friday, October 17, 2014

My number 2 is 4!!

We had such a great time celebrating Mark's 4th birthday last month! 
Grammy and Papa even drove all the way up from SC to celebrate with us and see our new place.
We hosted a crazy party and invited everyone we know in VA (2 families)!
There were Star Wars cupcakes!
Handsome birthday boy!
Handsome birthday brother!
So many cool new gifts!
One of his favorite new gifts was his super cool new play kitchen.
Let's just say: "Some assembly required" I really thought at one point they were going to have to tile the back splash.

It took Scott and Papa (who are both super handy) over 3 hours to put it together!
Master chef in training! So far, he's mastered the fried egg, chicken leg, and 2 pieces of broccoli. (asking for more food for Christmas!) :-)
New scooter!
New helmet!
Muppets Most Wanted!
Birthday boy quickly mastered his scooter!

Mark Nathan, somehow, your blog post is always late, and your birthday party is never as cool. But, I hope you know that Mom and Dad love you so much and we are so proud of you!  I love how you love to help and how you never are stingy with your snuggles. I love your independence and fearlessness. I love your passionate temper and your quick forgiveness. I know that your curiosity and your desire for learning will take you far in life.  None of us would be the same without you in our family. You are my joy. You make being a mom fun. I know you are going to be a super big brother and will be the glue that holds your siblings close. Happy 4th Birthday, Big Boy! Many more!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Keaton started school the Tuesday after Labor Day, so we were very thankful for the extra long summer! He is attending Belmont School which is literally right around the corner from our house. I can't believe this boy is in 1st grade already! Keaton is my home-body, and has a hard time with the LONG DAYS (8:20-3:00). But, he's doing great in 1st grade so far "exceeding beyond his grade level" (as his teacher put it). He's even started riding the bus, which will be so convenient once baby sister arrives!

Mark had to wait two agonizing weeks to start preschool after Keaton! Mark is attending St. Matthew's Lutheran Day School on Tuesdays and Thursdays, half-day. He loves it and would really prefer to go more than 2 days/week, but his mama can't bear to be away from him for more than 2 days each week! Apart from catching every single virus/sickness that VA has to offer (which has led to more than one sick day), he's doing great at school so far! Growing up too fast!