Friday, September 23, 2011

Diaper Box


228 diapers

Literally DAYS worth of entertainment

"I am the Keaton Robot"

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Evening at the beach

On Sunday night, we picked up some "Old McDonalds" and enjoyed a picnic at Pyramid Rock beach on the Marine Corp base a few minutes from our house.
Sharing a french fry with brother. If you know my son,  you understand this is a big moment. 
The water was a too rough for swimming, but we got to watch some surfers catch some waves. 
The boys had a blast playing in (and eating, in Mark's case) the sand, and joyfully splashing in rising tide. 
love the farmers tan...

After 18 months of living here, I still get homesick for the mainland, especially after a long visit home. 
Nights like this make me realize how blessed we are to have this amazing experience in Hawaii, however long it lasts! 

Sunday, September 18, 2011

3rd 1st Birthday Party

I think he is officially ONE now. We had to have one last party, so that Daddy could be there and we could celebrate with our friends in Hawaii! 

Keaton has been concerned about why Mark is getting so many birthday parties and he only got one. He's very busy planning his Batman birthday party for "April Tirdyith", which he must think is right around the corner. Overall, he has been a very proud big brother and an awesome sport about everything. 
He was "in charge" of the balloons today.   
He went straight for the candle. 

He is a pro at the cupcake-eating part by now. 
There wasn't a crumb left. 
Happy Birthday, Marky! I hope you feel "celebrated!"

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Happy 1st Birthday, Mark! 
You have made me smile every day of your life. 

You love to laugh and make others laugh. 

You love to explore. 

You love trying new things.

You love to eat rocks, chalk, and other disgusting things.

You love birthday cake.

You surprise us everyday at how much you understand, and your vocabulary is getting bigger everyday. Right now your favorite words are: 
"Ditty" (kitty)

You love all things electronic, especially remote controls and iPhones.

You love your family.
And we love you.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Back on the rock

Well, we made it back FINALLY. The much dreaded trip home was LONG and tiring, but it could have been much worse. God blessed us with a smooth flight, a row of 3 seats all to ourselves, and friendly neighbors and flight attendants who helped with Mark and Keaton during the long flight. Turns out that people are in a much better mood on their way TO Hawaii! By the end of the flight, my boys had made friends with almost everyone on board. At one point, a flight attendant stole Mark and took him up to first class for almost 10 minutes just to "show him off." 

Daddy was very happy to see us, and we were equally excited to see him. 5 weeks is a LONG time!

Our mainland tour (though stressful and exhausting at times) was 100% worth it. It was great spending quality time with family and reconnecting with friends. I think that we will treasure memories from this trip for a long time. Here are some of my favorite pictures from the tail end of our trip in Oklahoma. 

Mia's first leap into Grandma's pool after a day at school! Who says summer is over?

Sweet cousins! 

Mark didn't last long at the Drillers game, but we still had a great time! 
Nightly Gator ride

Making ice cream with Brumbra

Another birthday party! Much fun celebrating with family.

Riding the train at the Tulsa Zoo

Friday, September 2, 2011

New Vocab Word

My smart little pre-schooler invented a word this week.
Annogious: [uhn-AH-jee-uhs] adjective
Annogious is a cross between ANNOYING and OBNOXIOUS.

 "Mama, I like Abby...
 but, Pepper and AJ are just too annogious!"
Try to use it in a sentence today.