Monday, October 3, 2016

Fastest Summer Ever: 4th of July, VBS, GARP, and more!

I have to say that 2016 must go down in history as the fastest summer EVER!! Since its now already OCTOBER, I guess its time for the summer recap!

Sailor June celebrating Independence Day in style!
4th of July fireworks in the marina parking lot!

On long hot summer days, the boys take advantage of my "no more electronics" rule, and build themselves a little movie theatre out of a cardboard box. They are watching Toy Story 3 here.
We hosted David for 10 days as a part of our church's German/Russian/American Partnership that we participate in every summer. David is from Germany and stayed with us for 10 days! He was such a fun guest, and a treasured new friend. Also, an amazing cultural experience for our family.

We had a fun summer picnic as part of GARP. We had a blast hanging out with our friends. Here's Miriam and Anna Grace - sweet sisters!
Summertime hayride!
The kiddos with our pastor, Don, and two more of our German friends, Stefan and Ida
Some more of our sweet Crossroads church family!

Here's Mark resting for a snack during our church's outreach VBS (also a part of GARP week)

Mark and Dominic at VBS
Mark with his VBS class
Caught him sharing his water with Sister!
Dinner at the DiBella's new house. Sailor loves Alexander!
Summertime = plenty of Lego creations. Keaton was particularly proud of this base setup, so I wanted to document.
Doughnuts when our A/C went out!


Monkey see, monkey do
Snoopy snow cones on a hot day!
And I randomly met Bob Dole at the National Mall! What a nice man!
Scott has Popcicle Thursdays at work in the summer. I received a funny selfie like this every other week.
The boys had a blast at the Boy Scout "Rain Gutter Regatta!"
And a couple of somewhat successful fishing outings!
Whew! what a summer!