Thursday, April 25, 2013


When we're not playing Candyland smackdown, another of our favorite games is Headbanz.
 Disney Headbanz to be exact.
How it works is one player picks a card to put in another player's headband, and that player has to guess what his card is based on a series of yes/no questions.  
"Am I an animal?" 
"Am I an alien?" 
"Am I orange?" 
"Am I in a Pixar movie?" 
(Yes, my five year old knows the difference between computer and hand-drawn animation.)
And when little brother gets bored of this game (after 2 and a half minutes), he tackles big brother.
Then, he comes up with his own version of "headbanz" just to make us laugh!
These are my days, people. I have the best life ever.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Car Wash $5

Funds will support  2 crazy boys and their insatiable desire for Chicken McNuggets.
No guarantees that your car will be any cleaner than when you brought it to us.
No takers???

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Splash Park!

It's starting to warm up around here, (78* instead of 75*) so we headed to the splash park this afternoon to cool off!

Keaton and his buddy, Riley

Boys will be boys!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

He does stop sometimes...

Just not often in his bed.


Saturday, April 6, 2013

Run for Evan

A little over two years ago, our friends Jason and Ami English lost their son Evan tragically when he fell from the 2nd story window in their home. It was a very sobering event in the life of our church (I wrote about it here in March of 2011). It has been such a blessing to become closer friends with the English family over the past two years. We've watched them continue to mourn their son, all the while growing stronger in their faith in God's sovereignty and choosing to use Evan's death as an opportunity to bless others. This morning, our family was honored to participate in the 2nd annual Run for Evan.  Jason and Ami created this run in conjunction with the Ford Island Bridge Run to honor Evan and to raise awareness for window safety. 
Or in our case, the "Walk for Evan" Several of us that had small kiddos just decided to take our time with it and walk most of the way!
 We got to run right by the Arizona Memorial (see the background?)

Keaton was way more into the "race" part of it than I expected. He kept saying, "C'mon Mom" (huffing and puffing) "I don't want to LOSE!"

Translation: "I'm kinda much further?"
Sweet Kelsey and Luke (Evan's brother)
Keaton gave up about Mile 4 and decided to ride the rest of the the way. I was so proud of him for making it as far as he did! (Mark is digging for gold, as usual.)
Here's a little more about Evan's life and the Run. I hope his story will encourage you praise God for the blessing of our children and hold them a little tighter tonight!

Friday, April 5, 2013

My life is a mess...

One mess...


Mark filled poor Shelly's bowl with play-doh! Thank goodness I saw it before it was too late!
See the smudgy window? Mark thought it would be a good idea to smear his hot dog all over the window on our way home from Costco. Yuck!
And it's not just Mark.
This one is a mess all his own.
He tells me yesterday:
"Mom, I don't eat toenails anymore. So, the only gross things I eat are fingernails, boogers, and snot..."

Well, that's a relief!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter Sunday

We had such a FULL and blessed Easter Sunday celebrating the resurrection with Grammie and Papa.

First up... Easter baskets!
Ready for church!

This is SO Mark!
My handsome boys!
After church and naps, we headed to Bellows for some beach time and an Easter egg hunt in the sand.

we love them!