Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The Washington "Mommy-ment"

On our final Saturday night before school started, we got tickets to visit the top of the Washington "Mommy-ment" (as Mark calls it). It was such a perfect evening to be in D.C. The weather was beautiful and the crowds downtown are finally starting to dwindle a little bit. 

enjoying a little treat on the lawn as we waited for turn to go up!
there was about a 90 sec elevator ride to the top, and what a view!
Keaton kept saying, "we're 500 feet up! I can't believe we're 500 ft. up!" Nice smile, Mark!
nice view of the reflecting pool and the Lincoln Memorial!
love this quote about the Memorial! It really is incredible!

being silly with my boy!
The largest free-standing stone structure in the world! standing 554 feet 7 1132 inches tall!
After the memorial, the sun was setting, so we took a little walk down the National Mall.
The WW2 Memorial is especially beautiful at night. What a fun way to celebrate the end of summer!

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Melissa Batusic said...

Was there really a 90 minute elevator ride????