Friday, July 13, 2012

Girls Trip 2012

Another summer means another girls trip! Our ninth annual was one for the books for sure! The Munz family invited us back to the Exumas for another amazing private island adventure.
Fowl Cay from the air

This year, Melissa invited her sister Katie and Katie's friend Sarah to join us. I was a little apprehensive about how this would affect the dynamic of our trip but, it turns out that Katie and Sarah like to eat, laugh, and talk about trashy reality TV shows just as much as we do, so it worked out great! :-) 
Pinky and the girls!
Angela, Sarah, Katie
 Our last trip to the island was in 2009 and boy, has it changed! Melissa's uncle Norman has been living there as a caretaker, and he has Fowl Cay (or "Chicken Cay" as the locals call it) looking like a resort! His girlfriend Karen even cooked for us 2 nights. My mouth is still watering -  conch fritters, banana chicken, black beans and rice, fresh key lime pie - it was seriously so awesome. 

Fresh conch for dinner - yum!
Look at the cool signage!
Uncle Norm and "Chemo"

And a new dock!
 As usual, girls trip involves much laughter, acting immature, eating WAY too much. 
Girls Trip in the Bahamas also involves:

some of the best snorkeling you'll ever see!

It's hard to see from this picture, but this angel fish was HUGE!
I obviously did not get the "masks off" memo before this pic
 Swimming with sharks at Compass Cay - a first for me! They are harmless nurse sharks, but I dare you not to scream when a 5 foot shark swims up next to you.

 Probably my favorite thing to do in the Bahamas is ride around on the boat and explore other islands.
Inside Rocky Dundas cave
Meg and Ange riding bikes at Staniel Cay
It wouldn't be a trip to the islands without visiting the pig island!

Look at the color of that water!
The ocean was a little choppy! Katie and I held on for dear life on the front of the boat and were completely soaked! I laughed so hard...
On our last day, we even got a glimpse of Johnny Depp driving away from his island (Little Hall's Pond Cay) on his way to catch a plane at Staniel. I had to borrow this awesome diagram that Melissa created explaining our Johnny encounter. (You are too funny, Melis!)
Johnny actually turned his boat around when he saw us, but as he got a closer look at us, he said, "Tankinis?" and decided not to waste his time. Okay, maybe that part didn't happen. :-)
Norm and Karen have created a new tradition to have every guest paint a sign to remember their trip. I was happy with how ours turned out!
 Meagan put it so well when she said that Girls Trip is food for our soul! 

 Every year, I come home refreshed, renewed, actually MISSING my kids, and I swear I'm a better mom because of it. I know how blessed I am to be able to do this every summer. Thank you so much Munz family for all your hospitality and generosity to us!
I already miss you girls!


livinginparadise said...

Are you for real? That looks amazing! That IS a blessing to get together every summer for 9 years...that's unheard of. Glad you got some refreshment mamas need that from time to time. :o)

Meg said...

damn girl! you totally do girls' weekend right. so much better than our cabin in craplinburg!

E and K Wiepert said...

Those pictures are amazing!! Looked like an amazing trip!