Wednesday, August 31, 2011

New Life Ranch

We were blessed to spend Sunday and Monday with my dear friend Marla and her boys at New Life Ranch. I spent at least one week of my summer from fourth to eleventh grade at the Ranch. Marla and I met as campers sometime in the 90s (sadly, neither of us remember exactly which summer - Meg, I'm sure you remember!). Marla and her husband Luke now live and serve on staff at New Life Ranch. What an amazing place to raise a family. Between the two of us, we have four boys ages 4,3,2, and (almost)1. Needless to say, the boys made plenty of messes, plenty of noise, and had plenty of fun together.

Keaton loved petting and feeding the horses
Wyatt (2), Peter (4), Mark (1), Keaton (3)
riding in the gator before breakfast!
This is the "Wet Willie"
I thought Keaton would be a little hesitant sliding down that huge slide into the creek - NOPE! He probably went down it 10 times!
Swimming to the ladder

Beautiful waterfall at Flint Creek
The boys had a blast wading in the creek, collecting minnows and rocks
Of course, Mark wouldn't be left out!
Marla's boys are so good-natured and funny! My favorite quote of the weekend from Peter before lunch on Monday, "Mom, there's just nothin' like God and a good peanut butter and jelly sandwich!" :-)
Great Memories!


Meagan Dennison said...

SO fun! I wish I could have been there. Not sure when we all "met", but it was probably 90-92ish...

Chris and Tiana said...

Oh Ashley, this is so crazy! My brother worked at New Life Ranch for years! I knew you were from Oklahoma, but it never occurred to me that you might have gone to the same camp. He was on staff there several years while he was in college, and a few years afterwards. He still goes back to visit. His name is Heath Coles. I think he's younger than you, so you may not know him, but I bet your friends do. How crazy!