Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Tide Pools at Baby Makapu'u

Scott and I are always on the lookout for the perfect beach. I'm worried we are ruined forever when we return to the mainland with so many amazing beaches to choose from here. Lanikai we love because it's beautiful and relatively calm most of the time. Ko'olina lagoons are also beautiful and very kid-friendly, but is not as convenient (a whole 35 min drive) and parking is usually an issue. North shore beaches are fun to watch surfers, but the water is usually to rough to really swim much with kids. 

On Saturday, I was excited to try out Baby Makapu'u after reading about it on one of my favorite local blogs, Oahu Mom. During low tide, the ocean leaves little tide pools that are perfect for kids. 

Mark loved splashing around in the water. This also kept sand out of his mouth, which makes Mama happy too.

We were having such a blast, we decided to call the Heaths and see if they wanted to join us for some beach time.  

Keaton loved jumping from the rocks into the pools. 

A local man and his boys were there collecting sea creatures with nets. They caught an eel, a starfish, and some other really cool tropical fish in a big pretzel jug. They let us take a look before they let everything go.

Hooray! I think we may have found a new favorite beach!

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Molly said...

That picture of Keaton jumping (the first one) is frameable. Great shot!!