Thursday, May 5, 2011

New friends and Re-acquaintances

When you live thousands of miles of almost everyone you know, it is always exciting to have someone from the mainland come visit. Kat and I graduated from Covenant College together, and thanks to Facebook, we reconnected this past year. Her husband Eric is a doctor and had a one-month rotation in a hospital in Honolulu in April. We were able to hang out with them several times while they were here. We had so much fun getting re-acquainted and meeting each other's families. Her daughter Sterling is 10 months old and such a doll. Both Keaton and Mark really liked having her around. :-)

We were able share our experiences in Hawaii and "show them around" a little bit of Oahu. I have to say they have inspired us to get our butts in gear and explore Hawaii. They saw more of the state in the month that they were here than we have seen in a whole year of living here! 

Of course, we had to take them to our most favorite places -  Lanikai Beach 

Sterling was not so sure about the sand...

Mark, on the other hand did not give up until he was covered head to toe. I was cleaning sand out of crevices for days! 

So glad we were able to share in your Hawaiian adventure, Kat! Come back anytime and visit!


Meagan Dennison said...

fun! and it looks like she got a bit more sun than you during her month there... :-)

Melissa Batusic said...

Ha ha! Meg that's funny :) I'm jealous! Can you believe that it was a whole year ago that we were there???