Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Daddy kicked off our fun weekend by coming home early on Friday afternoon. We loaded up the boys and went to the "dinosaur park" before dinner. Trust me, this park is not nearly as exciting as it sounds. We call it the dinosaur park because there is one piece of climbing equipment in the shape of a dinosaur. Most of the equipment (what little is there) is outdated and rusty, but for whatever reason, it is the ONLY park that I have found on the island that still has swings! Growing up, I remember swings as a staple at every park. Why do they not make swings anymore? I don't get it. 
Keaton loves to swing, and Mark got his first try on Friday too. He was so cute. Not sure how he learned this, but he pumped his little legs like a pro. We barely pushed him. He laughed and laughed. 

Higher, Dad!!
This is the "dinosaur"

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Brumbra said...

He's a natural, he'll probably be a pilot!!