Sunday, July 24, 2011

Swimming and other big steps

We've been spending a lot of time 
at the pool this summer

My friend Suzy has been coming to our pool once a week to give Keaton and his friend Bronwyn a few lessons. 

A couple of weeks ago, Keaton just took off!

floating on his back
Mark loves the water!
He also loves crawling around...
Finding gross stuff to put in his mouth

He took nine steps tonight! Go Marky!


Brumbra said...

Yeah Keaton!!! We watch the lastest vido and swims like a seal!!! Mark walking!!! I say alot of progress in one week!

Mary Anderson said...

So Proud of Keaton & Mark! The good thing is you can keep Keaton in the pool year round! Love Mark's water floater (don't know what it is called) Can't wait to see Mark walk!

Katie Henry said...

adorable! fast walker hugh? King is still lagging behind!