Thursday, July 28, 2011


We had a fun trip to the zoo last week with our church playgroup. I failed to take many pictures of ACTUAL animals. Just mostly cute kiddos.

Suzy and Iain looking for hippos
Keaton climbing on a giraffe (statue)
Keaton and Bronwyn on the playground

There's some animals! Keaton's favorite part of the zoo is definitely the African Savanna.  And who doesn't love these animals? Giraffes and zebras are unmistakable evidence that God has a sense of humor. 

Speaking of funny animals...

Look carefully behind Mark's high chair... I used to see this little fellow out on our lanai politely peeking his head out from the corner of the air conditioner, carefully observing what we were having for lunch. He silently waited in expectation for us to go inside so he could indulge on the leftovers dropped on the ground or table by my messy boys. He no longer feels the need to be polite or wait for us to go inside. I guess he's hoping Mark will just reach back and feed him. He's like a little pet now.
He doesn't mind if I take pictures of him gorging himself of the leftover peanut butter on a plate we left out on the lanai for 5 minutes after lunch.

Here he is back in May after he lost his tail. Did you know geckos can lose their tails, and they grow right back? Lizards still kinda gross me out, but they eat roaches. I keep telling myself that.

Speaking of entitled pets...

Her hair is all grown back now as you can see. She's found a new place to snuggle up - Mark's changing table.

She annoys me most of the time. 
But she eats geckos AND roaches. 
I just keep telling myself that...

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Mary Anderson said...

Wonderful pictures! So have the boys named your gecko? Matthew named his firefly at Grammy & Papa's house "Mario!"