Thursday, January 8, 2009

Where Shopping is a Pleasure...

There are few companies or products that truly live up to their motto, but I would like to make the case for my favorite grocery store!

Top Ten Reasons I love shopping at Publix:
#10 Coupons: They double coupons up to $.50 and take competitor coupons. I’m a member of the Publix Baby Club, and they send me TONS of great store coupons every month (for all kinds of stuff, not just for baby).
#9 Carside Service: They bag your groceries and take them to your car for you – I have much more appreciation for this now that I have a baby. It not only makes me feel safer to have someone walk out with me, but I don’t have to worry about leaving Keaton in the car alone while I go find a cart corral.
#8 Bakery: Hands down the best grocery store bakery for bread or desserts! I make a special trip every week to get fresh sandwich bread for Scott.
#7 BOGO: Every week, there are 15-20 items that are buy one get one free, which really just means that they are ½ price, because you can buy just one of the items for the same savings.
#6 Anti-germs: At the front of the store, there are antibacterial wipes to wipe down your cart (or buggy, as they call them here in TN) before you put your baby in it (or touch it yourself). If you have a small infant, the infant carrier carts are kept separate from the other carts, and they are always labeled with date of the last cleaning and the name of the employee who cleaned it, so you know that you have a freshly cleaned cart for baby.
#5 Publix brand items: usually always at least a dollar cheaper than name brand stuff and always just as good. I’m especially a big fan of the Publix brand feta cheese for my salad – yummy!
#4 Friendly Staff: They seriously must have to go through “nice school” – I am always amazed at how every employee seems to be in the best mood everyday! They go out of their way to make me feel welcome and help me find what I need every time I go in the store.
#3 Free Samples: I like to come hungry because there is always plenty of free food, especially on Saturdays. When you order meat from the deli, they always give you a slice to try. We usually hit the deli first, so Keaton can enjoy the free meat slice while we shop.
#2 Free Balloons: Just ask customer service, and they will give you a balloon to tie to your cart for your little one– how fun!
#1 Penny Item: This is probably the most fun and most addicting thing about shopping at Publix. Every Sunday and Monday, there is a mystery item for sale at the front of the store for only 1 cent! You have to spend at least $10 (I think) to buy the item and you don’t know what the item is unless you go to the store. The penny item varies from frozen pizza to salad dressing to cereal to reusable grocery bags to Pasta Roni to Cocoa Mix. I feel my week is incomplete without benefiting from this promo.

Random thought: the only other company/product (that I can think of right now) that lives up to their motto is Folgers, because coffee really is the best part of waking up…


Molly said...

I love Publix too!! Best grocery store.

Anonymous said...
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Bear said...

great article Ashley...makes me want to go shopping and get a meat slice first.
When you get old and retire, you and Scott can work dayshifts at the nearby Publix together.


Bear said...

I agree
That is why I always bypassed Bilo at our old house and went to the Pub--of course, it helps that they are a FL based store and I grew up with Publix.

Meg said...

Burl gets meat at the beginning and a cookie at the end. It's almost like lunch. Except he eats way more than that.

Our publix is great, but I have some complaints:

1. the meat lady who always comes up to me (after getting my meat and before washing her hands) and tries to pull back the baby wrap to see sleeping Fern.

2. I have seen not one, but two people working in there dig in their ears.