Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Another Birthday Weekend!

What a terrific weekend we had celebrating my Dad’s 60th birthday!

On Saturday, we visited the Country Music HOF, so my dad could see the new Hank Williams exhibit. Here is a picture of Keaton with Hank and Audrey and baby Bocephus.

Saturday night, we took Dad to the Grand Ole Opry. He enjoyed it very much, but was sorry he missed Carrie Underwood. :-(

We took my parents to the Loveless Café for some Country Ham and Biscuits. Between here and the Cracker Barrel on Friday, I think Keaton ate his weight in biscuits this weekend!
On Monday night, we had a yummy dinner at home with Dad’s favorite birthday dessert, bread pudding.

In between, we had fun playing with Keaton, relaxing, and playing cards (my mom and I had to let Scott and Dad win a couple of times, since it was his birthday and all).

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