Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Scott's birthday gift

Fedex finally delivered Scott's birthday present. Here's a brief interview with the birthday boy about his newest toy:

What was your hesitation in waiting this long to get an iPod?
“I was skeptical about the digital music revolution.”

What is your favorite thing about your iPod?
“That the “i” is lowercase - and that all my music is in one place.”

Does your iPod have a name?
“Clemmie’s Groovebox”

Will you share it with your wife?
“Maybe. If she’s nice”

How long did it take you to pick it out? How did you finally decide?
“Several weeks. I finally decided to save some money and go with a refurbished model.”

What is the first iPod accessory you plan to buy?
“Low jack.”

Where will you put the Apple sticker?
“On my wife’s minivan” (not happening)

What is the first audio book you plan to download from iTunes?
"War and Peace"

What album/song are you most embarrassed is on your iPod?
"Mariah Carey Christmas"

Who has been your greatest iPod influence?
"Cathy Archambo"

If Clementine had an iPod, what songs would she have on repeat?
"Eye of the Tiger and Tom Jones's What's up Pussycat?"


Melissa Batusic said...

I can't stop laughing! That is so Scott!

Bear said...

He's holding out on us, I'm telling you what. When's the man gonna get his own web-presence.

anyways...what does the "i" stand for?

Bear said...

yes, my brother--got to love him!do you have brady bunch on there? Douglas wishes that Bobby, Peter, and Greg were his big brothers!