Saturday, January 10, 2009

Drug Store Shopping

I am no “Unsinkable Molly,” but I would like to brag on a couple of awesome purchases I made this week at Rite Aid and Walgreens!

Rite Aid: I was able to rack up some rebate money at Rite Aid in December which allowed me to purchase everything you see below for absolutely $0 out of pocket! When she finished ringing me up (and I gave her all my coupons and rebate $), the cashier said “9 cents.” I proceed to get a dime out of my wallet, and she said, “No, I owe YOU nine cents.” Plus, I earned $7 more in rebate money off this purchase… KA CHING!

Walgreens: I had already spent all my December Walgreens rebate money on a Vicks Vaporizer for my sick baby, but it didn’t matter, because everything below was FREE after store and manufacturer’s coupons!


Molly said...

Nice!!!!! What fun! A new blog to read! :)

Bear said...

Could this explain why we are in a recession - Stores paying customers to take merchandise?

I've heard of things like this, but now I know one of the rare, envied, serene, inverted shoppers.