Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Great Falls Park

On Columbus Day, we took advantage of the beautiful day off work and school. We decided to  visit Great Falls Park in McLean, VA.  This park is just a short drive away, and the falls were impressive!
The river below is the Potomac, and it separates Virginia and Maryland. The boys had fun waving that the Maryland-ers (?) across the river.

Sailor and her trade-mark "OOoooo!" when she sees anything from a yellow school bus to a beautiful waterfall!
The rest of the park is filled with hiking trails, so the boys had fun running, climbing, jumping off , collecting leaves and sticks, begging for snacks...y'know the usual.

We discovered this amazing old dead tree, and the boys played there for at least a half an hour. There were some other girls there playing and they all got inside (6 of them at once)! I took this picture through one of the holes in the tree.
 We found this great overlook to eat our lunch. It was tucked away off the trail, and we could see the river. We even got to watch some rock climbers as they scaled the cliff below us.

Our attempted (3rd attempted) self-time shot...
Rock climbing!
 I love fall!!

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