Tuesday, October 27, 2015

A (poorly-timed) Surgery & Colonial Williamsburg

Waiting for the surgery. He was one nervous (but very brave) boy!
I refused to point fingers, but it was the doctor's fault! His literal words were, "Oh, he'll be eating chicken nuggets by that evening!" NOT!
 Ok, it was my fault for not interviewing some friends who had been through a tonsillectomy with their little ones to ask how recovery would actually be. Likely, they would have advised not to plan this surgery while we had company in town AND in the busiest month of our year!  But, alas, we cannot turn back time. Mark's tonsillectomy was scheduled during my mom and Mia's visit, and the day before we had a 2 day adventure to Colonial Williamsburg planned.
Waiting in Daddy's arms to wake up after the 20 minute outpatient procedure.
Tonsil free, just woken up, and enjoying the first of MANY popcicles.
I'm not going to sugar-coat it - recovery has been rough. And for the record, I have yet to meet one single person that said they were eating chicken nuggets on the night of their surgery! Thankfuly, the first few days were the easiest since Williamsburg awaited us the day after his surgery. This boy deserves a medal for the BIGGEST TROOPER of the CENTURY! He hung in there with us the whole time and even tried to have fun through the pain...
Mark helped plow a field on a real 18th century plantation!
How now brown cow?
The boys were fascinated by watching this man whittle !
Brumbra was seriously born in the wrong century. I think she would have stayed there and talked to the plantation workers all day - and moved in the plantation house had they let her.
Williamsburg was fascinating, and we did not even begin to scratch the surface of all there is to see and do in our short 2 day visit.
You're in big trouble, Mia!
Colonial mugshot!

Some of the locals...
Keaton was making deals with this man to become his apprentice footman. ha!

A seriously old school political rally.
We really enjoyed walking up and down Gloucester Street and visiting the many shops.
We enjoyed some beautiful fall weather!
This girl... love her.
No one would have guessed this boy had surgery 2 days ago!

SJ was pooped!
A Colonel George Washington sighting! Do NOT call him General George Washington or ask him anything about the Revolutionary War. He will not know what you are talking about and you will be brutally rebuffed. Poor Keaton learned this the hard way...
We have passes that do not expire until the end of the year, so we are hoping to make a return visit soon - when Mark is feeling more himself!

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