Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Batusics come to VA!

We had a fun-filled visit from the Batusic Family last weekend! They are living in Elkin, NC now, so it's only a short 5 hour drive from us. They were literally only here for about 36 hours, but we made the most of every minute!
Since they were only here for a short time and we didn't want to spend all day in the car, we decided to stay closer to home on Saturday instead of venturing into DC. After Keaton's soccer game, we went to Historic Occoquan for their "Haunt the Town" event. 
I love how Occoquan goes all out for every holiday. Halloween is especially fun because the old town has real "sleepy hollow' feel!
"Haunt the Town" was a scavenger hunt, and the kids had to explore inside shops to find different Halloween characters hiding inside.

Can't scare me! I just got my tonsils out!
So many funny decorations hidden around the town
Just the girls!
Someone from a nearby restaurant brought us a loaf of bread so the kids could feed the ducks and fish from the pier.
For the record, all these pics were taken when Melissa and I were shopping. Hence the children all hanging over the edge of the railings!
Daddys are in charge! Scary!
Gorgeous day on the Occoquan!
Me, Mel, and all our babies (from left): Mark (5), Jacob (6), Sailor (11mos), Keaton (7), Jacob (7), and Allie (4) 
 After Occoquan, we went in search of a playground and ended up at Lake Ridge park.
Next to the playground was a mini golf course that was technically closed. Somehow they found a putter and ball that someone left behind. They ended up taking turns and playing all 18 holes!
Keaton and Allie
After golf, we took a short hike around the lake.
It was such a gorgeous fall day!
Don't mind the profanity on the rock...
The kids had such a blast exploring and collecting rocks and sticks.

I love fall!
Crazy kids!
Big girl Allie even helped me get Sailor ready for bed and feed her a bottle that evening.
What a fun weekend! Can't wait to have them back in March!

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Melissa Batusic said...

Great pics! Man you're so up-to-date on your blog!
Had a great weekend!