Monday, October 5, 2015

11 months!

My girl is 11 months old already! 

Not too many milestones this month other than she seems to get a new tooth every time she opens her mouth!

 She's doing mostly the same stuff - just more proficiently. Crawling faster, pulling up easier, cruising around like she is on a mission! We have yet to witness her balance on her own. I thought for sure she would walk by one year but who knows? 

 She's getting more personality every day. She's playing peek-a-boo now and waving hello and bye bye.  She works the room with her shy smile and it is impossible not to kiss her cheeks when she giggles. 

Her playful side...

her serious side...
She's really into dancing right now. Her favorite song is (regrettably) "Watch Me Whip," and the boys love to play this song for her and watch her get down. Not sure why that particular song has such an effect on her, but she will drop anything she's doing and shake her booty every time that beat drops. It's maybe the cutest thing I've ever seen.

Although I tried to deny it, it turns out Sailor June is a sinner after all. She's perfected the toddler tantrum already, throwing her head back recklessly and screaming when she can't get in the boys room or when you take her crayon away that she was snacking on. 

Cutest Jailbird EVER!
She's also crazy about bubbles right now. Mark got a bubble machine for his birthday and every time its on, she gets so serious and concentrates on the bubbles like its her job to capture each one. It's so funny. 

 She's 100% bottle baby now, and she's holding her own bottle now like such a big girl! Sniff, sniff.

My keys are still her favorite toy!

For a baby that used to scream bloody murder for hours in the car and was "mad as a hornet" (as one nursery worker described her) when I left her ANYWHERE, she is remarkably mellow! She actually seems to enjoy car rides now, and is slowly getting much better about going to others in the nursery. This is such a relief to me! 

Getting ready to party in one month!
Love you, Sailor June!

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