Friday, December 7, 2012

DPP: Day 7

It's something that's been programmed in me, I guess, but when it's Christmastime, I have to bake! I absolutely love blaring Christmas music and firing up that Kitchenaid! We all got in the spirit this morning, and made some Christmas cookies. 

I used Martha Stewart's Cutout Cookie Recipe, and the cookies were so tasty and kept their shape nicely.

Before we put them in the oven, the boys painted them with egg paint (beaten egg with food coloring) and sprinkled them with colored sugar.
can you find "Mr. Naughty" in this picture?

The finished product! I love the bloody gashes in the stocking and gingerbread man. Marky is not so gently with his brushstrokes! :-)


Meagan Dennison said...

I love how you keep Mr Naughty in with all the other kitchen supplies.

Grandma said...

Your are such a good Mommy! The tradition continues on! Surely you don't use Mr. Naughty on those perfect little boys!