Sunday, December 2, 2012

DPP: Day 2

Don't laugh! We went for a real tree this year for the first time in many years, and since we are spending this Christmas in Hawaii, we decided to go island style and get a Norfolk pine. These trees are everywhere on the North Shore, so we actually drove up there yesterday and picked it out! They are kinda funny looking, but there's something kinda funky and so very untraditional about these trees that makes me smile.

We brought almost no Christmas decorations with us to Hawaii, so what's on this tree are the few ornaments we've accumulated over the past three years. As you can see, we still need a tree skirt, and a star (or a star fish?), but of course none of this matters to Keaton. He says "It's the most beautiful Christmas tree I ever saw in my whole life!"

Here's a pic of us yesterday in front of our tree right before we cut it down!

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Grandma said...

If Keaton thinks it's the most beautiful tree that he has ever seen, Grammy thinks so too!