Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Fun so far

I will not sugar coat it. The flight was N.O.T. F.U.N.  The airline was less helpful than I had hoped, the passengers were ruder than I expected, and my kids were even more demanding than I thought they would be. But, we made it here to Oklahoma safely, and we have had a great time so far.
Our first night: my uncle's 64th birthday party! Happy Birthday Uncle Dale!
Ice cream cones with Mia at Brumbra's house. Does it get any better?

enjoying bath time, as usual
Our second night: Tulsa Drillers!
It had the potential of being a very fun evening. Unfortunately, we waited 2 hours at the stadium before they finally called the game because of rain. 
Downside: 2 restless, hungry boys 
Upside: plenty of time for photo op with Buddy, the mascot for the Tulsa Library
Ironically, a gecko.

Is that a Shaka? Where am I?

Loving spending time with this beautiful girl everyday!
Keaton trying out the tire swing at Mia's house
Aaron and Mia
 Meg, Tasha and their kids are in town this week, so we all joined forces at the Oklahoma Aquarium this morning. What a fun time! The exhibits were fascinating, and the Aquarium was the perfect size that we could see almost everything in a 2 hour time span.
touching the stingrays and sharks

Dory and Nemo at the Anemone
Hudson, Keaton, Kiera, William, and Emory
Another framer for their dorm room...

I leave tomorrow morning at 7:00am for  Girls Trip 2011. Wow.  5  days OFF? 5 days without changing a diaper? 5 mornings to sleep in? 5 days of strictly adult conversation? At Ocean Reef of all places, how did I get so lucky?

Who am I kidding? I will CRY and SOB on Monday when I see them again, like we've been apart 5 years!!
It's okay, I love my job. 

By the way,
Scott + Ashley = 8 years today!

This is our first anniversary apart. :-(
Thank you, Lord for giving me Scott. He is more than I could have hoped for, and tons better than I deserve.

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Meagan Dennison said...

see you bright and early in the morning! Can't wait for lots of "adult" conversation...