Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Home on the range

 Woolaroc is awesome - so unique and SO Oklahoma.  It is a working ranch right outside of Bartlesville with acres of native and exotic wildlife including several different types of buffalo, cattle, deer, ostrich, and even some zebras. I have so many childhood memories here - field trips, day camps, family outings.
 On Saturday, we took a picnic lunch and made a day of it. We made some memories.
My babies looking at the baby chicks in the petting zoo
Petting  a bunny
a family of deer

One of the highlights was visiting the Mountain Man camp, where we got to see how real Indians and Mountain Men would have lived in early frontier days. We all got to throw and tomahawk, shoot a rifle, and learn how to tan a bobcat skin. It was so much fun!
Even Keaton had a turn with a rifle. His gun was capped (but don't tell him that).

Emma's turn!
Mark enjoyed crawling around in the teepee
And stopping to smell the flowers
The kids with Mountain Man Wes.

The Woolaroc museum has one of the greatest and most unique collections of western artifacts in the country. My boys didn't last long in here, but we couldn't leave with out seeing the working model of an Indian powwow.

Or the shruken heads, of course!

Such a fun day! 

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