Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Cousins Portrait

Since this was the first time all 7 grandchildren have been together since Mary Elizabeth was born in April, Mary had her heart set on a studio portrait of all the cousins. We scheduled it for 3:20 in the afternoon - after Mark's nap. Our plan was take the picture and then head to Chuck E.Cheese for Matthew's 4th birthday party. 

The much dreaded anticipated day arrived. We all arrive at JC Penney a few minutes early, Grammie and Papa and all the grands in their matchy-watchy outfits. Fresh haircuts, shirts pressed, baby nursed. Everyone was happy and smiley and ready to say "Chuck E.  Cheese!" 

45 minutes later, we are STILL in the studio waiting room. Needless to say, no one was feeling as photogenic anymore, especially poor Mark and MEL. By the time we actually got seated to take the photo, our window of opportunity was long gone.

Try not to laugh too hard.

probably the best shot - they go downhill from here. 

The big kids are pros at this portrait stuff. 
Keaton and Matthew are trying so hard.

After each time the camera clicked, Keaton would jump off his stool and say, 
"I did it! Let's go to Chuck E. Cheese now!"

Mark just gets madder and madder with every photo.
Keaton has clearly just forgotten what a smile even feels like. 
and my personal favorite...
Papa and MEL are both saying "Enough ALREADY!"

We were pretty bummed that after all that time and effort, not one single shot was frame-worthy. So, since the boys wore their green shirts to church, we decided to take them out front once we got home for one last try. 

Wouldn't you know?
Lesson learned.


Katie Henry said...

I think they are so cute:) and, I love the color of the boys shirts!!!

Mary Anderson said...

I never thought I would say "Posing with my grandchildren would be torture." It was! Thanks for the great laugh I got out of this blog! Next time I suggest a portrait session everyone will run the other way! Thanks to Laura, Douglas and Caroline for posing so nicely and putting up with the youngest ones! I love them all!