Wednesday, August 7, 2013

First day of school

Wow, this boy is growing up way to fast! I can't believe Keaton Ray is old enough to go to Kindergarten! As many of you know, I was all set and ready to re-enroll him in Keaton Academy, but  in the months leading up to school, I just did not feel at peace about homeschooling him this year. I procrastinated for a while thinking it was just my insecurities and fears that were getting in the way, and I just needed to buckle down and get excited about it. But, I still couldn't shake the feeling that I was not doing right by him in keeping him at home this year. Which brought us to the last minute (literally one day before orientation) decision to enroll Keaton in Benjamin Parker Elementary School. 

So proud of him and his brave smiles!
Excited for big brother and his first day of "kool!"
Love from Daddy!
Unfortunately, there were no smiles left when we got to school. He was so nervous, and was crying when we left him at his desk, but the teacher said he calmed right down, and had a great day. In his words - "IT WAS FUN!"
Such a big boy! Wasn't this just yesterday? And this?
Of course, Keaton wasn't the only nervous one this morning. Its hard leaving your baby at school with kids you don't know and a teacher you hardly know in a school where he is the minority. Somehow, I held it together this morning. Partly because I'm looking forward to the 1:1 time with Mark this year, something we've never had before. But, I'm also excited for Keaton. This is a totally new experience for him, and I really think he will thrive in the classroom this year. I think the time away from me will be good for him in developing a little bit of independence, new experiences, and friends. I also hope the fact that he'll be in public school will make us even more intentional about our time at home with him, and can hopefully we can fill those hours with activities and conversations that will direct him to his Savior. Pray for us that we can be faithful in this ultimate goal. 

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