Thursday, August 1, 2013

Furlough Friday Part 1: In Search of Goat Island

Because we realize that there are worse places in the world to be forced to take an extra day off, we are determined to make these furlough Fridays count! So on Daddy's first furlough day, we dusted off the old Oahu Revealed and found a little adventure that we had never tried. There is a little tiny island 240 yards off the coast of the North Shore called Goat Island. We borrowed Chris' paddle board, so Scott waded over and pulled the boys and I behind him on the board since the water was too deep for the boys to wade.

Watch out guys, here comes a wave! (see Goat Island in the background)
"What makes the beach at Goat Island so special? 'Cause you gotta earn it, brah!" - Oahu Revealed
So true, the beach is beautiful, but there's something extra cool about it because you have to make a little extra effort to get there. It's kinda like a little getaway - from a getaway? Something like that.

There's also a seabird sanctuary on the island. We never actually saw any birds or eggs, but it must be important, because their sign was huge. :-)
Funny story about Goat Island from our guidebook: In the mid- 1800's, this small island was the home of a Hawaiian lawyer who kept two mistresses here. When the king of Hawaii learned of this, he ordered the lawyer arrested. You kno w what they say... never mess with a lawyer, even if you're a king. The attorney did some research and found out that his offshore island wasn't recorded on any of the kings' maps. So he declared that it wasn't part of Hawaii and he was now king of his own island. The ploy worked, and the Hawaiian king left him alone! - Oahu Revealed
Still have no idea why it's called Goat Island...
The ocean side of the island is covered in beautiful sharp lava rocks. I love the stark contrast to the blue ocean.
After an hour or so of exploring and swimming, we headed back to OUR island. 
Adventure #1 down!

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Grandma said...

I LOVE these pictures! So neat! I enjoyed the history comments too!