Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Adventures on the North Shore

We don't often do this, but we packed all of our beach stuff up before church on Sunday and headed straight up after church to the North Shore for some beach time and snorkeling! 

We tried out a new area called Three Tables because Keaton had been itching to get in the ocean with his new snorkel mask and fins.  This was the first time that he and Daddy had been able to really snorkel together in the deeper waters. Keaton did amazing!
and they're off!
I hung back on the beach with this silly man.

I'm enjoying having my camera back, and having such handsome subjects!
 On the way home, we stopped to get some smoothies for the boys...
And we finally go to try out the legendary Giovanni's shrimp truck for dinner! Yum!
Such a fun family day! Feeling very blessed!

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Katie Henry said...

Ashley, thank you for your sweet comment!
I always love looking at your beautiful pictures.
btw..i think canyon's shirt is from Old Navy…maybe a month or a couple months ago?