Monday, August 26, 2013

Not my idea of a date night...

The weekend before, we got to do the whole fancy restaurant thing for our anniversary date. So, when our youth group sponsored a "parent's night out" the very next weekend, Scott insisted on choosing our date night activities. 
First up, Koko Head Crater hike.

Hiking 1200 steps up a mountain in the blazing late afternoon sun is not exactly my idea of a romantic time. 
 I was sort of a brat about it on the way up, sputtering
in between huffs and puffs. 
It was a really hard hike, actually.
But, once we made it to the top, I was happy we did it. Or maybe I was glad it was over?
The view was amazing! 
I was feeling pretty tough.

After our hike, we decided to go check out the Spitting Cave of Portlock. 
Sounds like its straight out of Harry Potter, right? 
see the spitting water?
Standing above the cave.
Ok, the sunset was pretty romantic.

 We had just enough time to stop by Serg's in Waimanalo for a quick dinner before picking up the boys at 8:00. There's nothing more romantic than delicious Mexican food - especially when you've earned every calorie!

Gotta hand it to him, it was a really fun evening. I might have to let him plan our dates more often...


Meg said...

I am do jealous!!!!! That looks amazing. Completely amazing!!

livinginthemidwest said...

That was one hike I never got to do. The pictures are amazing though. Sounds like a fun time! :o)