Friday, July 17, 2009

Keaton Vocab: 14 months old

Keaton has really opened up vocally in the last month. He is talking constantly! Most of it is gibberish (actually, Scott is convinced he is speaking Hebrew as most of his sentences are heavy on the throat-hacking sound). But, we are slowly starting to make out some actual English words from his rantings. Here's the ones we recognize so far - this is as much for my own documentation purposes as it is for your entertainment:

"Caws" - cars
"Baa" - Bye (when waving) or Ball when there is a ball in sight
"LaLa" - depending on the context, this could be Elmo or Lola (his friend from the Y)
"Didi" - Kitty
"Yum, yum" - this means he approves of whatever we have given him to eat or drink
"Bup Bup" - this is his imitation of a bark and it usually means he has just seen or heard a dog
"Oots" or "Ootsy" - this is what he calls his milk (no idea where he came up with this)
"Dow!" - this is what he yells to Clemmie when he wants her to get down from the table (we have trained him well. Unfortunately, Clemmie does not obey Keaton any more than she does us)
"Yeah" and "Yeth" - yes
"Na or Na na" - no

I think there are more, but that's all I can remember right now...

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Meagan said...

Ashley-- he is such a little boy!!! When did our babies turn into such big kids? I can't handle it.