Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Anderson Family Pics

It had been far too long since all of the Anderson clan were together! We had such a wonderful week together. Of course, I took an ungodly amount of pictures, and I frankly have no idea where to start documenting our week, so I guess I'll just start by sharing some family pictures. On our first Saturday there, we all went out for pizza together in downtown Greer (in our coordinating outfits, no less) then headed over to the park for some picture taking. Collective sigh, groan. Remember last year? It was suprisingly painless this year! We used Mary's fancy Nikon and tripod. I think they turned out pretty well considering we had 16 people to photograph including 2 babies.
From the left: Me, Scott, Mark, Keaton, Ray, Nanny, Grandma, Laura (yes, my little 4 year old flower girl is now 13, taller than me, and wears shoes 2 sizes bigger than me!), Rob, Lisa, Douglas (9), Uncle Jerry, Matt, Matthew (almost 5), Jenny, Mary Elizabeth (14 mos), and Caroline (8).
Funny story: while we were taking the first photo, this lady comes running up to us - clearly she could not contain herself any longer. She said she's a phototographer and she would help arrange us better for the family photo. It was really quite amusing to watch her take charge and order us into shape. I think our smiles are much more genuine in the second photo because we were trying not to laugh.  
All the cousins!
Can you tell I'm going through a black and white phase?

More Greenvile pics soon...

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