Friday, June 1, 2012

And we're off!

It is a seven hour flight from Honolulu to the Dallas/Fort Worth airport. 
I think Mark's expression here pretty much sums it up.
Keaton's actually pretty easy on the airplane. After about an hour of screen time, he asked for his bear and blanket and slept the rest of the flight.
 Mark (as expected) was a little more restless and a little harder to entertain. He would fall asleep for a little while, and then wake up with a start - VERY CRANKY -  and we would have to do our best to pacify him without waking the other passengers. With about 2 hours left in the flight. I finally gave up and just took him into the bathroom and let him play in the faucet for awhile. We finally made it to DFW completely exhausted but without major incident. Overall, We were very thankful for a smooth timely flight and gracious neighbor passengers. 
Dunkin Doughnuts at DFW
 We found a play area in one of the terminals, and let the kids run around and pass the time during our 4 hour layover here. 

When we boarded our flight to Tulsa, the flight attendant greeted Keaton and asked him if he'd like to meet the pilot and sit in the cockpit. Of course, Keaton was thrilled! They even gave him his own little junior flight log. I remember airlines doing stuff like this when I was a kid. Remember back when it used to be fun to fly? I was pleasantly surprised to see that they are trying to make it fun again.

14 hours after we left Hawaii, Brumbra and Papa greeted us at the Tulsa airport. We handed over both of our children, and breathed a sigh of relief that we finally made it.
Let the adventure begin.

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E and K Wiepert said...

You guys are such troopers! Love it! Enjoy your time back on the mainland.