Saturday, June 9, 2012

to I-40 and beyond

On the Tuesday after Memorial Day, we borrowed my mom's car and left the windy plains of Oklahoma and headed east on I-40 on another adventure.

Yes, after a 12 hour plane trip from Hawaii, we voluntarily subjected ourselves to a 16 hour car trip with two children. The youngest of which - his only frame of reference for "road trip" involves an island that is 30 miles across.
Thankfully, my mom's Acadia has a DVD player complete with front/rear auxilary, so the boys could watch their shows and Dada and I could catch up on our This American Life podcasts.
Our little tree hugger at a random rest stop in Arkansas.
Boy, were we glad to see this sign! Can we all agree that the only good thing about Arkansas is that it gets you from Oklahoma to Tennessee? Holla.
 We made it to Nashville and were able to stay two nights with our dear friends, the Dennys. They also have 2 boys. Keaton and Noah had great fun together as babies back in the th'day even though they don't remember...

They picked up right where they left off 2 years ago.
It was so fun to watch them play like they were old friends!
We were also able to make a quick stop by our house in Nashville to meet our renters and see our new roof that we put on a month ago. So strange that Keaton remembers nothing of this house!
 In our short 36 hour stay in Nashville, we caught up with lots of friends. Somehow, I managed to take no pictures of any adults! I did however get a pic of the chips that my friend Lisa and I enjoyed on our lunch date to Amigos.
Thursday morning, we were off again through the Smoky Mountains. Next stop - South Carolina! 

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