Friday, June 8, 2012

Memorial Day

Every year for Memorial Day, my parents host a reunion for the Archambo side of the family. We've had to miss the past two summers! I was so happy we could be there this year! It is so fun to see all of my cousins, catch up with everyone, and see how everyone's families have grown. I'm so thankful for such great family that genuninely loves being together. The reunion gets bigger every year. This year we had 65 people! 
There's always plenty of food!
Elise made graduation cupcakes for the three graduating cousins we had this year: Jacob, Hunter, and Hannah.

Alexis and Mia. Yes, Alexis has black hair now. LONG STORY!

The annual cousins basketball game. Good thing none of those Archambo boys are competitive - HA!
Chanse, Candous, Kayla, Carson, and Hannah
I can tell from the color of his mouth that this is not his first popcicle. Brumbra!!!!
My two favorite ladies.
Dad and Uncle Ed
My cousin Paula and her sweet Brock
"Where'd y'all get y'all's dranks?"

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Melissa Batusic said...

Wow, would've never guessed that was Alexis. Can't wait to hear that story.