Friday, January 8, 2016

Back to Williamsburg!

Time to play catch-up blogging for the month of December...and what a fun month it was! 

 In early December, we took another trip to Williamsburg since our passes from October did not expire until the end of 2015.
Back in the shackles...
Watching the famous "Punch and Judy" puppet show...the boys loved this!
The colonists doing a period dance
We waited almost 3 hours in the COLD for the fireworks. It was worth the wait, and this girl was a real trooper.
Even though she did not care much for the fireworks!
Man, did it feel good to get back to the hotel and cozy up in our warm jammies!

Thank you to Papa for scoring us a couple of nights with his Bluegreen points!

We started the next day with a trip to the Ripley's Believe it or Not! museum. Here's the guys with a wax figure of Scott's hero, Robert Wadlow (tallest man). I love how Mark had to reach to grab his hand!

Sailor was not a fan of Mr. Wadlow
Keaton and Ironman
Sailor did love the stuffed albino lion
Scott and Lizard-man
After the museum, the boys had a fun looking around the General Store across the street
Keaton picked this out for Brumbra and Papa's new pool!
Next, we went to the Yankee Candle Store (aka, Yankee Candle Complex! It was amazing!) , where we met up with Santa. Sailor was not a fan of Santa either.
After lunch, we headed back to Colonial Williamsburg to try out the ice rink. Neither of my boys had ever tried ice skating, and they couldn't wait!
Bless their hearts! They had no idea how challenging it would be!
Scott's a good skater, and tried to help...
But they spent a good bit of their time here...
or here...
Or here.
They started to get the hang of it by the end. Of course, Mark was determined!
They were very good sports, and still had a great time even after multiple spills.

 The weather turned kinda gross, but we spent a few more hours touring the shops of Colonial Williamsburg.
Warming up with a cup of authentic European drinking chocolate (think melted chocolate bar in a mug- YUM!) at R. Charleton's Coffehouse
there was a beautiful rainbow as we left!
Such a fun 2-day getaway!

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