Sunday, January 24, 2016

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

What a special time with family this Christmas with all of the Andersons, Workmans, and Lieblers!

We started our Christmas Eve celebration with a service at Mitchell Road Pres. Then, back to the house for stuffed shells, and lots of pictures, of course! 
Laura and her Mama!
The Lieblers stayed in Charlotte for Christmas Eve, so Mark and Keaton had the big cousins all to themselves for one evening!
Ready for bed!
Cookies for Santa!
My kids woke up at a reasonable hour on Christmas morning (yay!)

Sailor seems really excited about her new teddy from Santa.
Avenger Tower!

New Minions Hat!
Keaton enjoying his new clothes and M&M's from his stocking!
Presidents Pez!
We waited for the rest of the family to arrive and the present opening could commence once again!
Sailor with her new doll house (clearly more interested in the light saber!)
Star Wars Mashers!
Silly Dougie still in his jammies OUTSIDE!
Legos with Master Builder Rob
Enjoying some time outside on Christmas Day. So thankful for all the nice weather we had!

Merry Christmas!!

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