Monday, January 25, 2016

Christmas Week and New Years Eve!

The week after Christmas was HEAVEN for my boys! Cousins 24/7!
On the day after Christmas, we finally saw Star Wars! Thanks so much to Grammy for watching Sailor!

Most of the family had already seen it, but they "suffered" through it again for our sake! Star Wars 7 lived up to every expectation. 
We were so blessed with warm weather all week, so the kids were able to spend some good time OUTDOORS, which is rare for December.
We even got to take advantage of the screened porch for game night!
Grammy and Papa's new house is perfect for family gatherings. They even live on this amazing cul-de-sac with neighbor kids around our kids age. 
Early morning street racing with the neighbor kids! Notice MEL is still in her nightgown!
Ouch! Always wear your helmet! Keaton took a little spill on his scooter. He looked pretty sad with this face and already missing 2 front teeth. His favorite line became, "You should see the other guy!"
I was the designated early-bird who got up with the kids each morning. Mary snapped this one of us one morning when she awoke to this scene. I posted it on Nick Kelsh's Facebook page, and he chose it for his photograph of the day.
 Nick had the funniest commentary on this photo. Way to capture the moment, Mary! 
"Things do start to feel this way right about now. We have two at our house; I count five here; five is a big number. I’m not sure why, but I keep looking at the kitchen behind them. One day, when they all realize this is one of the best photographs ever taken of them, they’re going to look at the kitchen and say “That’s where it all happened. That’s where we grew up.” Of course, the draping and posing of the children is wonderful here, but this photograph is a lot about where. Where things happen is so important. Locations show up in the funniest photographs and remind us of who we are. The more I study this photograph, the more I’m touched by it. If my hunch is right, that this was taken with a smart phone, it’s just another wonderful example of a picture that gets taken because there’s a camera that’s accessible at the moment. I guarantee if there had been a scramble to find “the other camera” we would not be looking at this picture today. The body language of that girl in turquoise is priceless and waits for no photographer."

One day, we took advantage of the great weather and hiked at Paris Mountain!
Mark and Mary Elizabeth! They could be twins!
Papa and Laura living on the edge!
 Wednesday was a rainy day, so we headed to the Gravitopia to bounce some energy out!

Sailor, Scott, and Mary Elizabeth got to spend a special afternoon with just Nanny, while all the rest of us went to the movies!
Scott's grandma is 96 in January! What a lady. She still lives alone and drives. We are so thankful for her!
Before we knew it, it was New Years Eve and time to party!
I will always remember NYE 2015 as the night Sailor June perfected her dance moves! She was hilarious to watch all evening!

Mark getting down...

Nothing like a good ole fashioned Anderson dance party.
We might have peaked a little early with the dancing. Mark was out by 10:00!

We did manage to rally and ring in the new year with plenty of silliness!

Happy 2016!!

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