Monday, June 1, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day 2015!!

What a fun tradition it has become to spend Memorial Day weekend with the whole Archambo/Albright clan. We had a miss a couple of years that we were in Hawaii, so I was excited that Sailor and I could fly out for the weekend, even if I had to leave my boys at home (Keaton has school until June 18th!)
Missing 2 important little guys!
Papa heated the pool so the kids could swim even though it was cloudy and rainy.
Sweet Jackson never left the pool!
Adrian going down the slide
Adrian and Hannah cuddling under a towel in the rain
 As usual, there was lots of eating, playing games and fun fellowship!
We had a game table this year. Ticket to Ride and Settlers were the favorite games!
These girls were all just little kids, and now they are all grown up. Kayla graduates from high school this year, and Candous is in her senior year of college!
The line for breakfast on Monday morning

SJ enjoyed her first reunion and all the extra attention. 
She was basically just passed around all weekend...
Sitting up with Papa
On to Kayla...

And Lisa (aka "Wesa Word")
To Stacie...
To Aunt Elise...
To Brumbra...
She was one popular girl.
Sisters (in law) Rhonda and Kenna!
Mom and my Lisa Andrew (my first cousin)

Uncle Al and Frank
Mia and Aaron
So special that the whole Albright family made it from Colorado (and VA)
Grady Albright (18 months)
Lindsey and Amber
Tim and and his son Caleb (almost 2)
Caleb is a cutie, but you kinda have to trick him into getting his picture taken! ;-)
Autumn and Steve
Cameron and big brother Jeff. Jeff forgot to shave (like for year!!)
Jeff and cousin Dustin Albright

Cameron and his Dad (my first cousin Kerry)

Kerry and his wife Janet (photobombed by Alex)

Emily, Kenna, and my Aunt Sara (must be a good story!)
Uncle Ed and Dad (can you tell they're brothers?)
Lots of laughs!
Jackson hitchin a ride from Brock on the trike!
 What a joy it is to have extended family that I genuinely treasure! What an extraordinary weekend!
 Until next year!

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