Friday, June 26, 2015

Bye Bye 1st Grade!

 So proud of this big boy. He finished off his first grade year so strong. I can't believe this friendly, confident first grader is the same boy that I bribed to get on the bus each day last September. He changed so much this year, and really grew to love school. I pray that he'll never lose his love of learning!
We totally didn't plan for him to wear the same shirt on the first and last day, but it helps with comparison!
 His teacher chose him for the "Excellent Achievement" award for his hard work all year.  It was so much fun to watch him go up front of the school and get his trophy at the awards ceremony.

We will miss Mr. Krueger!
Keaton with his friends Brooklyn and Mihn

Getting off the bus for the last time of 1st grade!
There were actual tears!

We celebrated with an ice cream party with some neighborhood friends.

Bubbles! We love Belmont Bay!
Oh, and he graduated to Wolf Cub a few weeks ago too!
Yay Keaton Ray!

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