Thursday, May 14, 2015

Mt. Vernon

On the Friday after Keaton's birthday, we decided to take a family trip to Mt. Vernon. I honestly can't believe this is the first time we've visited. What a fun adventure! The weather was lovely, and we enjoyed exploring the grounds of George Washington's home. 

Here's all the kids with George and Martha and their two grandchildren, Nelly and Washy.
The grounds at Mt. Vernon are breathtaking overlooking the Potomac River. We couldn't resist taking a few family shots.
Colorful crew!
Cousins and best buddies!
Jenny and Scott

One of the things I love about Mt. Vernon is that it is a real working farm. The kids loved visiting all the farm animals.
Mary and Mark trying to get the sheep to eat some hay.
Unfortunately, he was not interested. He was obviously well fed, and had plenty of hay in his trough.
There were over forty new spring lambs. So cute!
The kids had a blast running around the grounds outside the mansion.
Grammy and Papa taking a rest. Don't let loose of that camera trigger, Grammy!

Always the entertainer!
Being silly with the big "C!"

Caroline is the best big sis!
 It was quite surreal to think that just 250 years ago, this beautiful farm was owned by our first president. We were able to see the bed he died in and even his original dentures! One of my favorite things was the original painting that is now printed on the dollar bill. I really cannot say enough good things about the museum, the mansion, and education center. We barely scratched the surface of all there was to do, and I left with such a greater appreciation of George Washington, his character, and how much his vision and his humility really shaped the country we live in today.  We are already planning our return visit!!

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I love your new blog with pictures of Cherry trees. Makes me want to do a blog but no one would follow me! I'll just continue to enjoy yours!