Thursday, June 4, 2015

7 months old!

Another month in the life of our Sailor June!

Her newest trick is that she can move from her belly (or hands and knees) to a sitting position all on her own!
Big girl!
Brown eyes like mom!
It seems that she's taking a break from sucking her fingers and instead likes to put all kinds of other things in her mouth. I remember that Mark did the same thing at this age. He spit out his paci and wanted to taste the world! It could also be that she's teething. She had 2 teeth appear in May!
Her favorite teether is actually a key chain that Grammy bought for her after she couldn't get enough of Aunt Jenny's!
Found her toes!
Hmmm...this tastes good too!

The remote! Yum!
She's eating really well lately. It seems that she's going to completely skip the baby food stage and move straight to table food. She has no use for sweet potato puree. Give me barbeque and baked beans, mom! 
She also loves these little surfboard rice crackers!
Sitting in a high chair like a big girl!
One of the highlights of her day is the bus stop. She gets so excited when it finally arrives!

This is the expression he has when the bus pulls up! Keaton's bus driver is smitten.
 She took her first airplane ride to Oklahoma for Memorial Day.  As long as I kept the toys and snacks flowing, she did pretty well. Her favorite was walking the aisle and greeting everyone!

First airplane ride to Oklahoma. She did great!
She's getting more and more mobile everyday. If there's something on the floor within about 4 feet of her, there's no stopping her! She's hasn't really coordinated the knee/arm movements, but she scoots around on her belly like a woman on a mission. It's pretty hilarious to see how determined she is.

Scotting around the house!
We were able to take our first trip to the pool last week. She was cautious in the water, I think mostly because she's used to the warm bath water. She enjoyed it for the most part, as long as no one splashed her! 
I think my favorite part was dressing her up in this adorable swimsuit and hat that used to be Mary Elizabeth's! She looked precious!
Mama's girl!

Other Sailor June activities: 
hanging out in the toy basket!
Picnic with Mark!
Lots of laughs with brothers!
I overheard Keaton cuddling with Sailor this morning and he said to her, "You're the greatest gift!"
I would argue to say the she's one of 3 greatest! 

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Melissa Batusic said...

That selfie of you and Sailor had me laughing out loud.