Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Girls Trip 09

Well, my tan has faded, and I just sliced up the last of the avocados that I smuggled back with me from Miami. But I finally have my pictures (thanks, Meg), so I had to write a quick blurb about my girl's trip!

G - Great Friends: the kind you can not see for months or years, but can pick up a conversation like you just saw them yesterday

I - Independence: as much as I dreaded leaving Keaton, it's hard to describe the liberation I felt not to have him at my feet all day for the first time in 13 mos., knowing he was in such great hands at home!

R - Reminiscing: fond memories, remembering our lives before husbands, babies, and other commitments that took us all in different directions.

L - Laughing until your face hurts and you literally have to lie down on the floor to catch your breath and recover

S - Swimming Pigs- one of the weirdest things I've ever seen. I was peer-pressured into getting in the water with them - yuck!

T - Trusting God: landing on an 800 ft runway stretches my faith, for sure!

R - Relaxation: no alarm clock, no bedtime, no schedule, no worries...

I - Island Hopping in the Exumas, in constant awe of the beauty of God's creation, truly so thankful that I get the chance to experience this!
This is actually an up-close pic of one of the beaches on Johnny Depp's island (Little Hall's Pond Cay) - it was a couple islands over from us.

P - Paradise: no other way to describe it


Mary Anderson said...

Wow, beautiful pictures. So glad you had a wonderful time. I sure enjoyed loving & spoiling my grandson! He's the BEST!

Bear said...

The pigs! already getting salted and arriving in time for an island BBQ! Where's Matt?