Monday, July 30, 2012

Bishop Museum

It was rainy on Saturday, so thought it was a perfect opportunity to finally visit the Bishop Museum.

especially since it was the last weekend of the "The Body" exhibit! 

Keaton was a  little hesitant since he's "not really into Sesame Street anymore!" (Sniff, Sniff)
But, both boys thoroughly enjoyed this exhibit, not just because it was filled with fun characters, but because they got to talk about: 
Poop! yes, push that red button, and it makes a really loud fart, and poop drops right through that window. You better believe we spent a good half hour here... :-)
They got to visit Hooper's store

shop for healthy foods to eat! 

Keaton loved the scanner! 
Get our picture taken with some old friends...

I even learned a few things...
who knew? 
The Bishop Museum is full of so many amazing permanent exhibits on Hawaiian history and culture as well as a whole building dedicated to science of the islands. The boys were restless through most of the "adult stuff" (as Keaton calls anything that is not plastered with some sort of licensed cartoon character). Scott and I agreed that we should come back and spend a day there sans kids to really see everything. 

Keaton did actually really enjoy learning a little "pigeon" (Hawaiian slang) in one of the exhibits
His favorite pigeon phrase was "pilau buggah:" combination of the Hawaiian PILAU (rotten dirty stinky) and the English BUGGER. Example "Wea dat pilau buggah? He stole my ka!" :-)
Mark enjoyed riding the giant snail in the science museum! 
There are not many activities (especially in Hawaii) that I would say is worth the admission price, but I would recommend this museum to anyone. Such a fun morning! 

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