Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Elmo's World

What is it about this furry red guy that kids love? Is it the high-pitched baby voice? The constant giggling? Or is it those big friendly googly monster eyes? I promise I did nothing to foster this obsession, but Keaton can't get enough! He can spot the guy from a mile away! The only Elmo he has been exposed to is on Sesame Street (which he watches maybe once a week) and the minimal books and toys we have around the house with Elmo's picture. All day long, he brings me the remote and says "La La?" Suddenly all of our DVDs are not good enough - I had to make a special trip to the library to get "LaLa" movies! I know I should not encourage this. But, I just can't say no when the movie starts and that big smile spreads over his whole face and he looks at me with an expression of pure joy - "LaLa!"


Katy Southern said...

Awww! So sweet! Yes, Elmo seems like a fine freind.

Mary Anderson said...

Yes, it's a "LaLa" land we live in. I can just see that precious smile now.

Keaton's Grammie

Chris and Tiana said...

I don't know what it is either, but all kids love Elmo. Even if they rarely or even never watch Sesame Street. I gotta admit, though, he's pretty cute. So if Clara's gonna watch something, better Elmo than Barney! And seriously, check out Elmo on Rove on YouTube. It's hilarious!